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there are a lot of recordings we make & pass around that other friends of mine would be interested in, a lot of bootlegs of me doing things that i can't legally sell (like the album of trippy covers) & in some cases might get me in other kinds of trouble, ha ha. with my new "beyond the warp podcast" & the cultural things we do on "anita ace in space altronica radio" it might be hard to keep track of everything we are doing, so i am making all my albums & podcasts as well as selected live recordings, videocam messages, stuff from "ace in space" & special things for my friends available to subscribers. i am definitely more candid with my friends than i am when it is for the general public. we are taking the high road here, remaining independent so we do not have to compromise our music. it is definitely a group effort to oppose & overcome mediocrity, commercial cluelessness & outright censorship & it is a victory for everybody when we are able to do this & push back the darkness a bit. please join together with us.

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zed mizar
Hamburg, Germany
german altronica artist zed mizar combines futuristic lyrics, psychedelic guitar, slamming funky beats & trippy electronics to take the listener into dimensions of sound previously unknown. zed's stance as a writer mixes wacky humor with an uncompromising stand in favor of personal freedom & privacy in the face of the pseudo-humanoid manipulators & their hordes of bleepnid ratdogs.

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