magenta tangerine

by zed mizar

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Skyshells Zed's music is craftily composed and presented in a way that makes you stop in your tracks even when being chased by a giant cassowary ! Favorite track: snurdz on dust.
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    includes two bonus tracks of zed's satirical appearances on the "live from the moon" german radio show, interviewed by anita ace in space--one as manson ozzie of the toxic sludge metal band from saturn the rotting behemoths doing "bangheader" & the other as DJ DumpTruck explaining the bizarre story behind "pump thump data dump". also includes a 13 page PDF of zed's own detailed liner notes to the album, including a song-by-song breakdown.

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zed mizar's third solo album is his first written & recorded in the zedzone studio since moving to germany in 2012. german influences are present along with the global social consciousness that is more evident than on previous releases, but zedheads expecting their usual dose of danceable space funk, sci-fi satire, gee-whiz psychedelia & pythonesque surrealism will not be disappointed. for more info about this release see zed's music blog @!__blog/blog1


released March 20, 2014

all songs written by zed mizar except "deep space funk": music by richard d ruttenberg, lyrics by zed mizar. female vocals on "zupadupa2" & "interplanetary dating 2027" by anita ace in space.



all rights reserved


zed mizar Hamburg, Germany

german altronica artist zed mizar combines futuristic lyrics, psychedelic guitar, slamming funky beats & trippy electronics to take the listener into dimensions of sound previously unknown. zed's stance as a writer mixes wacky humor with an uncompromising stand in favor of personal freedom & privacy in the face of the pseudo-humanoid manipulators & their hordes of bleepnid ratdogs. ... more

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Track Name: zupadupa2
by zed mizar

check my quizzical crooked smile
rocking in deutschland nordic style
a luminous looper, i bailed on the snoopers
& it's zupa, it's zo zupadupa

rolling with blondie down to berlin
been with her thru thick & thin
she's my betty boop, a real space trooper
she's zo zupa, she's really zupadupa

everything is going right tonight
everyone is hanging tight tonight
all the saucers in flight tonight

stepping to the ringing of cathedral bells
echo thru the brick & stone citadel
spires so high they reach to the sky
with angels so tall they terrify

listen to the organ that bach played on
hanging with the spawn of ludwig von
hindemith's noble vision to explore
like stockhausen i be knowing the score

jerking to the kraftwerk robot funk
hanging with the internet post-cyberpunks
all the party poopers are stuck in a stupor
but we're zupa, we're really zupadupa

(repeat chorus)

down the cobblestones, so surprised to see
red-capped mushrooms @ the foot of a tree
flute-playing fairies dancing on a limb
welcome to the world of the brothers grimm

watch the pretty snowflakes drift on down
settle on the roofs of the fairy tale town
the magic word is spoken, the spell is broken
& all the evil hags & sorcerers are chokin'

the emperor's clothes expose the trick
an angel whooped the devil with an ugly stick
a giant caterpillar on a mushroom with a hookah
says: "it's zo zupa, it's zo zupadupa!"

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: spy creeps
spy creeps
by zed mizar
(dedicated to ed snowden)

the creeps are creeping
while the people are sleeping
it's a sneak attack now
the sleazy sharks
are sneaking in the dark
to get behind your back now
the data looters
are in your computers
just to violate you
they surveil you
so they can blackmail you
& intimidate you

they are just a robber band
with dirty, bloody hands
grabbing everything they can

fuck off spy creeps

i heard a stupid moron
with all the media whores on
government TV now
he said he really didn't care
if they're spying everywhere
because he's not guilty now
well if you don't love your rights
it just shows you're not too bright
& that you're morally retarded
freedom comes @ too high price
precious heroes sacrifice
for wimps like you to discard it

all the yuppies drink chablis
in their frisco companies
i would rather be free

fuck off spy creeps

my local posse
is familiar with the stasi
& they know you're the same now
it's no surprise
you're so widely despised
because we know your game now
hey you rubes
parked in front of the tube
you know it's watching you now
& with that stupid phone
you are never alone
it spies on all you do now

they do all in secrecy
but i get no privacy
this ain't working out for me

fuck off spy creeps
begone foul demons
Track Name: angels of vision
angels of vision
by zed mizar

you reveal the image of a land beyond the sun
whispering the meaning of the word
sing to me the romance of a love that rules the world
i can see you're such an ethereal girl

angels of vision

moving in the slipstream of the fire that blazed the trail
wounded by the puppets of the beast
crazy with the pain that drives you to the edge of hope
grateful for the light to show the way

angels of vision

i perceive the beauty of the love you give to me
i can see you're such an angel girl
from the diamond cities in the clouds you came to me
flying in a golden winged boat

angels of vision
Track Name: interplanetary dating 2027
interplanetary dating 2027
by zed mizar

interplanetary dating!

this is your beamship pilot
from a distant planet zone
with a message for you nerds & nerdettes
sitting home alone
are you so brainy that the bimbos
& the jocks all hate you?
well we've got sexy aliens
who just can't wait to date you!

hi, i'm buzz gonzo
i crashed my saucer on the prison planet once,
i had to get a job!
i didn't have a date for 175 years.
the women there treated me like toxic waste--

hi, i'm staci with an "i" from canoga park,
what kind of car you drive, cutie?

car? you still use internal combustion?

sorry nerd, no car no date.

i wasn't interested anyway.

sure you weren't, you losers all want me.

then i signed up with interplanetary dating agency.
they hooked me up with a
beautiful, brilliant venusian chick
who picked me up in her saucer.
we visited the rings of saturn on our first date.

what are those books you're reading?

the metaphysics of virtual reality,
special topics in calamity physics,
& my secret garden. . .

i want to have mindsex with you right now.

yeah baby!

if your love life's nauseating
& mating is so darn frustrating
interplanetary dating, interplanetary dating
don't just sit there masturbating
your dream date in space is waiting
interplanetary dating, interplanetary dating
Track Name: snurdz on dust
snurdz on dust
by zed mizar

replicants in my mess all day
mutated cockroaches hacking my phone
subhumans insane with a chip in the brain
tone-deaf clones want to jump your bones

bug-eyed reptoids cramping my style
giant pink leeches want to suck me dry
glowing green sludge backing up in the sink
pigmeat falling from a pea-green sky

roachburger sloppy joe stinking on your plate
rat genes mixed in the GMO
taco truck exhaust & the gasoline sauce
toxic farts @ the fashion show

as mastodons thrash hysterically in the tar pit

snurdz on dust (4x)

tweekers twerking @ the truckstop tavern
tapwater tubeheads parrot their profs
ugly dogs are dancing with the hogs
to bite your wallet while they sweat in the trough

imitation carpetbaggers line around the block
mindless brainwashed mob-rule throngs
a hundred trillion more where they came from
dickhead pedophiles all day long

cheapskate chuzzler counting his change
drown your sorrows till you choke to death
turkey neck fertilizer soup full of televisions
burger slop body odor taco breath

as bozo moshers flop around in the muck

snurdz on dust (3x)

this town needs an enema
checkin' my phone, checkin' my phone

they put a bag up over your head
& gave you the honky suckerpunch
now you've got pigshit on your shoe
& you've got snake meat in your lunch

the donkey in the closet is stinking up the house
the rats are red sneaking under the gate
& the bankster jackals all circle the spoils
of the brontosaurs that disintegrate

crash & cries as the dinosaurs die
& all the arachnids hit the skids
the 33 spies all got black eyes
& tumbled from the top of the pyramid

as pea-brain tyrannosaurs mate obscenely in congress

snurdz on dust (3x)

this town needs an enema
checkin' my phone, checkin' my phone
Track Name: pump thump data dump
pump thump data dump
by zed mizar


submit to the boot
submit to the boot
submit to the boot
submit to the boot

creepy spies
in your space
lick my boot
stomp your face

pump thump data dump
pump thump data dump
pump thump data dump
data dump, data dump

submit to the boot
Track Name: mofos up the wazoo
mofos up the wazoo
by zed mizar

they're up from below, the hells overflow
you're up to your neck in mofos, bro
evil grave-robbing necrophiliac clones
pseudo-humanoids from the negative zone
mutated zombies appearing from the void
teleporting in from the asteroids
like rats in the sewer they breed & multiply
then come out of the toilets with greed in their eyes

the smell of burning sulphur is heavy in the air
the laughing of the jackass is heard everywhere
the braying of the donkey, the grinning of the apes
revving up their mojo for the mass gang-rape
jackboot loafers wanna be your gods
shape-shifting reptoids behind the facade
the bugs are in your hair, they're in your underwear
they invade your nightmares with the psych warfare

mofos up the wazoo 'round there
pseudo-humanoids got no soul (4x)

it's a mofo invasion from planet hell
mediocre mutants with death to sell
twisted freaks warped by lizard genes
scheming reptilian murder machines
skies filled with clouds of lethal drones
chemicals in the water dissolving your bones
demon doctors with forced injections
soldiers @ your door for surprise inspections

aliens contaminate the food supply
so their unlabeled garbage you're forced to buy
got a little thing called GMO
ten years, die of cancer & nobody knows
limp soggy pickles & harpies in tanks
wanna rip off the roughnecks who aren't shooting blanks
race-car drivers provoking mayhem
it's all about nothing but the race for them

cop cars crawling all over the place
goon squad thugs up in your face
agent @ the airport, IQ 42
grope your coochie & rob your luggage too
on the highway coming out of church
checkpoint roadside body cavity search
they grease the rubber glove & bend you over the hood
those mofos gonna ream your wazoo good

mofos up the wazoo 'round there
pseudo-humanoids got no soul (4x)

we have supernatural glasses that reveal the fakes
the synthesized clones & invisible flying snakes
the politician androids programmed to deceive
while the treasury is looted by phantom cyberthieves
droning speeches from flatulent roaches
fawned on by reptile presstitute coaches
it's always the same old kleptocrats
computerized elections? yeah, i'll go for that

surveillance cameras clicking everywhere you go
& behind every camera there's 10 mofos
that's why they need more tax money desperately
so they can hire more mofos to watch you on TV
shmoogle tube facehoo creepy spies
nose in your shorts for the enterprise
boob tube flicker got you hypnotized
estrogen in the water got you super-feminized

pirates from pluto want to steal your stash
that's why they make the economy crash
puppet politicians pick your pockets with both hands
you can't pay your mortgage & the leaches get your land
yeah they got you down & screwed you good
now you got nothing, you're scrounging in the hood
the cops gang-raped you in the alley all day
here come the zombie troops gonna drag you away ha ha

mofos up the wazoo 'round there
pseudo-humanoids got no soul (4x)
Track Name: new levels, new devils
new levels, new devils
by zed mizar

it's so cool in the future
'cause there's no TV
we all have our own saucer
to explore infinity
we don't need no wonks
to explain reality
'cause me & my baby
just want to be free

we need to be free
from people like you
trying to tell me what to think
tell me what to feel too
we don't need no psych meds
make me passive & mild
'cause me & my baby
just want to go wild

off to the moon we shall escape
back on the earth mass zombie rape
flee into space beyond the sea
back in the dark they watch TV

new levels, new devils

i'm reading the papers
i'm watching the news
i know not to listen
to guys like you
i won't ever wake up
i won't ever get wise
i'll keep sucking my info
from a toilet of lies

i don't know one thing
about the world in which we live
i just take the emotions
that the prompter reader gives
i won't look any deeper
i won't question what they say
or i will look like the free minds
that they condemn all day

this is a bust just for the creeps
lust in the dust, rust never sleeps
dogs snarf raw meat, pigs roll in mud
the botox sitcom was a dud

new levels, new devils

another false flag
baby what a drag
another big bang
baby what a hang

mister tapwater tubehead
just hasn't got a clue
voted for a ham sandwich
'cause the TV told him to
it's the party pooper mafia
it's the stuffed shirt stiffs
it's the super pro buzzkill
with the downhead riff

it's the creepy crew crackdown
it's the wet blanket crowd
it's the heavies with the club foot
& there's no fun allowed
they're cracking that whip
they're cocking their snoots
i'm shaking the dust
right off of my boots

off to the pits, even the score
open the door here comes ten more
barbarians are @ the gate
decapitate the second-rate

new levels, new devils

another false flag
baby what a drag
another big bang
baby what a hang
Track Name: destination sun
destination sun
by zed mizar

i melt in your summer
i swim in your dreams
as we flow together
& mingle our streams

we splash in the shallows
swim mirror lagoons
embrace on the beaches
beneath the pale moon

in deep synesthesia
exploring the groove
a slow motion ballet
of memory moves

asleep in your soft nest
of feathers & fluff
secure for the winter
your warmth is enough

tandem flight thru realms of light
destination sun
comets race thru icy space
destination sun

the amethyst mountains
the jade of your skies
the birds gold & scarlet
stained glass butterflies

the luminous flowers
the parasol trees
the vines bearing wind chimes
that ring in the breeze

tandem flight thru realms of light
destination sun
comets race thru icy space
destination sun
Track Name: magenta tangent
magenta tangent
by zed mizar

when the azure sun sets
under indigo skies
shot thru with a flaming magenta
& phosphorous clouds
in the photosphere vacuum
paint eerie fluorescent mirages
in the hot neon twilight
on the flashing horizon
the dancers entwined like lianas
anemones languid
with soft undulations
in the pulsating aquamarine

the dart of the laser
the deep throbbing color
the whoosh of the air
that was pushed by the speakers
the drift of the sound
in extended harmonics
& always the pulse of the beat

when the cannibal sun
rises black like a whirlpool
in deep ultraviolet darkness
& the silver & copper stars
cold & magnetic
in the cobalt metallic auroras
& the jewelled moon strobing
reflected in violet ice
crossed by the quicksilver river
stunned there we shivered
so awestruck with wonder
lashed by the methane typhoons

under purple pink stormclouds
set ablaze by red novas
the sound chasers from all directions
in the crater we gather
from myriads of planets
beneath the withering winds
in the silvery midnight
of a desolate ice moon
now lit by a trillion black rubies
& the sounds in the air
like a shimmering hologram
dancing our way thru the haze

Track Name: attack of the mutant ratdogs
attack of the mutant ratdogs
(return of the howling fiends from oblivion pt. 3)
by zed mizar

hellhounds on my trail--
we woke after a night of antigravity partying
to find the lunar dome
surrounded by a wild pack of
deadly mutant chihuahuas.
oh no, here we go again, i don't need this.

these nasty ratdogs are like a cross between
a jackal, a piranha & a battle robot.
a pack of them can take down a
tank squadron.
they annoy their prey to death
by snapping @ their ankles
& destroy their nerves with hideous barking.
they can bite thru concrete.
if you empty a laser cannon on one
it just keeps on coming.
the sound of their frenzied yapping had
awakened us to a very long day.

we had already begun to napalm them
with stealth drones
because the only way to kill a mutant ratdog
is to disintegrate it
down to molecular particles
or else totally incinerate it to ashes.
all we had succeeded in doing
so far was to burn down a lot of clones
(each ratdog had a clone
it led on a leash to wipe its butt for it)
& the smell of burning clones
made a tire fire seem like a fragrant rosebush
in comparison.
the acrid smoke headache
combined with my hangover
left me in no mood to mess around.
we needed to give these rodent canines
their exit scenario.

i had barely got out of the airlock in my
leather circuit battle catsuit
when they swarmed me.
we delivered the appropriate salute--
a swift jetboot in their stainless razor teeth
that sent them flying over the lunar horizon.
jetboots were made for getting around
the lunar surface on
antigravity skateboards
but when you kicked a mutant ratdog
with a jetboot
it usually went into orbit.
we didn't bother to shoot them,
we just booted them offworld & were rid of
their vile carcasses.
sure, the corrosive radioactive green
chihuahua blood
put me in need of a shoeshine
but i don't care.
eat boot leather devil ratdogs from pluto!
Track Name: kiss of chaos (single edit)
kiss of chaos
by zed mizar

poems i cannot explain
resonate inside my brain
liberate a hurricane
thru the ruins roaring
thwart your ego of control
call you from your hidey-hole
send a shiver thru your soul
set your spirit soaring

fly together to the sun
when our work is done

the kiss of chaos (4x)

clear the disappearing scars
germinate the seedling stars
play our senses like guitars
with passion & with power
earth caress the scattered seeds
bowing as the blossom bleeds
as a bird on nectar feeds
i have kissed the flower

armor falling from your skin
melted from within

leave your chrysalis tonight
come into the light

the kiss of chaos (4x)

(this is an edited version of the song. the middle section & 3rd verse are not in this version. see the "spiral city sky" album for the entire song).
Track Name: deep space funk 3.0 (mofomix)
gravity sucks (deep space funk)
by zed mizar

i go thru 14 dimensions each & every day
trying to avoid all the pseudo-humanoids
in a four-man saucer with a zetron drive
on the road with cyborgs from the asteroids

last night on interamnia's sub dub club
where alien chicks with purple eyes
were rocking that space funk warp 19
with jupiter giant in the neon sky
(hey richard--doesn't that big planet
look cool up there?)

gravity sucks

some pirates from pluto tried to jack my droid
in a rumble with some robots @ the satellite
& some clones jumped in but venusians got my back
so the bleeps bought the farm in a laser fight

we got gone in the saucer but we caught some flack
& we crashed on an ice moon in saturn's rings
now we're cooling our heels in a methane sea
with a pink & green sky hanging over me
(man its cold out here on this ice moon)

gravity sucks

some venusian saucer maidens had seen us crash
so they freed us from the muck with a levity ray
& they healed our saucer with magnetic fields
with a full tank of gas we were on our way

we got a gig in a galaxy not too far
so we made the quantum leap down the wormhole gate
& though the hyperspace distortions blur my thoughts
i'm going intergalactic in a weightless state
but wait--
what universe is this?
oh no--could it be--
went down the wrong black hole.
(i hate it when that happens)
what planet is that?
it's got us in it's gravity
that's earth--oh no--
that's that place the pseudo-humanoids took over!
pull up!

just my luck, gravity sucks
deep space funk when you're stuck in the muck
gravity sucks